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Ege Eloksal was initially founded in 1976 with main scope of operations consisted of anodic oxidation coatings, nickel and chrome electro-plating processes, within the 1st Industrial Site. Over time, the Company had a business expansion along with a gradual increase in its number of customers and diversification in its product ranges, leading it to start new service offerings through its service facilities opened in Pınarbaşı and Atatürk Organised Industrial Zone, known as the Ciğli Plant, as of 1980 and 1986, respectively. From 2008 and onwards, the Company has set up and been operating its newest plant that occupies a total space of 7000 sq.m. in confinement, at Kemalpaşa Organised Industrial Zone

Ege Eloksal is committed to upholding quality in all its practices, relying exclusively upon its in-depth knowledge and field experience gained over a period in excess of 3 decades. Acting totally in line with its aforesaid commitment and understanding of quality, the Company had all its cooling and heating systems, process quality measuring instruments and lab conditions in a continually developing stance, starting with modernisation of its production machinery and equipment. Thanks to these fastidious investment efforts, the Company achieved an Ege Eloksal standard, in every stage of production, including products that are subject to tests.

As the knowledge and experience gained in field and at work throughout the company's years of service reveal, it is impossible for industrial corporations to sustain an existence, after shutting their doors to technological advancements and newly emerging market systems. Therefore, Ege Eloksal has successfully integrated the various types of the world's mostly preferred coating types, by improving its activities everyday. Currently, the Company meets if not exceeds all customer expectations while offering unlimited pre and post-sales support to its customers on surface treatment solutions, through its one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art fully automated electro-plating driven by robotic controls, at its manufacturing premises in Kemalpaşa.

It is our objective to exist as your solution partner.

In the hope of seeing you always yielding outstanding achievements throughout your business lives, I remain.

Hüseyin Engin

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Kemalpaşa OSB Mahallesi 21.Sokak No:14 Ulucak / KEMALPAŞA - İZMİR

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